Online Tools

How the Soft Dollar Program's Online Tools Work

vFinance's Soft Dollar Program offers unique, proprietary, easy-to-use online activity statements, invoice status pages, and other screens to administer the program.

vFinance's Soft Dollar Activity Statement

vFinance's Soft Dollar Program gives you user-friendly online access to your daily soft dollar activity balances.

 client statementpage sm

vFinance's Automated Email Notification Regarding Invoice Status

An email notification will be automatically sent to you at each step in the invoice approval process: when an invoice is entered into the Soft Dollar system, when a partial payment is made, and when the invoice is paid in full.

 sd emails

Color Coded Invoice Status Page

View invoice status at a glance with unique online color coding on the invoice status page. For example, when the invoice is awaiting approval, it is shown in one color, if a partial payment is pending it will be shown in a different color, and if a full payment is done, it will be shown in a third color.

 sd invoice sm

Historical Payment Archive

The Historical Payment Archive which tracks disbursements can be used for future reference and for your regulatory and compliance needs.

 historical payment

For more information, please click here or contact:

Billy Groeneveld

President & Equity Markets Head Trader,

vFinance Investments, Inc.

Tel. (800) 792-1142


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